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My Eyes Are Tired But Mind Is Racing Forward

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Here I Sit

Like a bird on a branch

Perched up in an upright position

Focusing and clearly analysing my first thought

Then on each idea after

My body absolutely still

Where the words on my laptop visually appear

It is clear

The vibration of my internal energy of my mind

Is a bit active at this time

For my body only wants to dive back to bed

My brain has other plans

As I try to dislodge a piece of sleep

Tucked in the corner of my eye

Now my eyes irritated

They begin to blink and squint

Only to add frustration to my list of pet peeves

Impatience slowly building

I tug at an eyelid

Trying to pry one lose

With no luck

I tug once again at another one

My cat Charlotte curled in such a comfortable position

On my right

Her eyes open and then closed

I gently rub in between her eyes

She reluctantly is fighting sleep

I rub her inner ear

To make her at ease

My theory is even if I can't sleep

Then there is no reason why she shouldn't

When I got out of bed

Making a bathroom run

Charlotte at that time

Right next to me on the edge of my bed

Didn't hesitate to follow

Then when I turned into the kitchen

She was on my heals once again

Like a blood hound hot on the trail

At that point I didn't know where I was going

I went to get something to eat

Then abruptly sat down

Listening to the hot water run through my pipes

Along the baseboard

An unexpected itch teasing me

Right in the middle of my back

Where my fingertips fall short

I rub my back against the chair

I will do anything to scratch that annoying little bugger

Disturbing my cat

Her glassy eyes looking straight back at me

Once again I rub her head to console her

I hear her snore

She is asleep

With her eyes open

I wave my fingers in front her face

And see no reaction

She readjusts herself

Together we are such an odd pair

Now she gets up

Stretches and looks around

Only to jump down

Head to her dish

Sticking her neck out for an early morning snack

I am left alone

Deciding what I should do

Taking a page out of my cats playbook

I got up

Walked straight back to bed