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Rhyming Fun


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.


Take it as a fake modesty, or as a healthy literary self-assessment, but I don't see myself as a poet. Albeit, with less and less defined criteria in all areas of artistic expression, where the new principle of "anything goes" makes it hard to tell a masterpiece from a literary junk -- how could I possibly know how good or bad I really am at what I do.

Even the number of views is not a true measure of it -- simply because it depends on the kind of readers I am attracting. Namely, I'd rather have ten smart readers than hundreds of, well -- not so smart ones, so how do I know who is behind that number, big or small.

Since it all seems to be just a matter of the observer's taste, that good old Latin maxim comes to mind: "De gustibus non disputabant est" -- or in plain English: "Tastes are not to be discussed".

So, some time ago a generous reader left a comment under one of my samples of playing with rhymes that read: "Val, poetry is where you shine".

Well, that comment was not responsible for my continuing to do my rhyming like a man possessed -- it was my sheer laziness. Namely, with my niche being anything that may inspire a little with an out-of-box approach to the life themes, I found it so much easier to deliver my messages in rhymes than in a 1500-word article.

And laziness it is, although I prefer calling it "pragmatism". If those smart asses who authored their evergreen proverbs could get away with a one line message -- why wouldn't I do it in a 200-word rhyme.

Now, talking about rhyming my stuff, I am trying, at least, to make it resemble a poem; otherwise, with no rhymes it would be just a prose put in a column.

Not mocking poetry and its form, I noticed how I could put in rhymes just about anything that I might otherwise write an article about -- including topics on politics, health, even some random thoughts bordering with silliness. Why not? We never know who out there might like it.

Here, in the next three rhymed pieces I am talking about this very subject of my "poetizing", starting with one that includes some universal dilemmas of anyone who ever considered writing. I hope some of you may like reading it, like I enjoyed composing it.

Poetry Is Like Love, where Our Ability to Love Doesn't Necessarily Make Us Good Lovers in Others' Eyes.-- Val Karas

Poetry Is Like Love, where Our Ability to Love Doesn't Necessarily Make Us Good Lovers in Others' Eyes.-- Val Karas

Writer's Dilemmas

If you are one that writes a lot

you spread yourself too thin

so it's more often than not

it doesn't make you win.

Then if you write a little

you may appear all dried out

but even finding a golden middle

still is leaving you in kind of a doubt.

For what topics to choose

those informative or fiction

'cause either is bound to lose

if you miss some good depiction.

Then, how to choose a right style

trying to satisfy most every taste

for if you don't make them smile

your writing may go to the waste.

Should poetry be your form

or good, versatile articles mix

and what is to be seen as norm

that's using some well tested tricks.

Could original be better than old themes

although hard for search engine to find

but just adding to the old, so it seems

looks worn out to everyone's mind.

O.K., I don't really know about you

but I gave up on strategies long ago

just being happy to express my view

not bothering to impress as some pro.

Encapsulating My Messages in Rhymes

There are many readers who don't give a dime

for long lecturing needed to make a short point

and that is why I oftentimes resort to my rhyme

it's like, instead of a pep-talk I'm offering a joint.

With tastes being all different across the board

writers can't please everyone, it's a simple fact

always taking a risk of making someone bored

with no way of knowing how they may react.

Well, it may depend on how talkative I feel

whether I say it in form of poetry or not

making of a theme some big deal

or deciding not to yap a lot.

But in either case it's fun to express my mind

hoping to find a reader on the same page

not treating them as someone blind

trying not to sound New Age.

Maybe with some food for a liberating soul

avoiding to look like sterile oversized tirade

but short or long, always with a noble goal

so for any welcomed rhyme I'm surely glad.

Motive of My Poetizing

My "poetry" is not in the criticizing gear

sometimes showing our humorous side

often trying to make our flaws look clear

maybe to inspire and then help to decide.

While it may look like pile of negative crap

it's just pointing at some pitfalls of life game

dumping responsibility on everyone's own lap

for their life outcomes, with no others to blame.

I have been there myself, and that's how I know

thus my rhymes are not some stolen thoughts

I had my own share of "reaping what I'd sow"

in seven decades of untying few tight knots.

Some hundreds of books were but a gym

for, I just couldn't live by recipes of others

I turned my own nightmare into my dream

on my way out from anything that bothers.

And so now I'm just sharing, not teaching

merely reminding of what's in each heart

still too much of student to try preaching

not graduated in this school to play smart.

© 2021 Val Karas


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 29, 2021:

I not only enjoyed your poetry but liked that in your decades of life, you are still approaching it as a student. I feel the same. Kudos to you!

Val Karas (author) from Canada on January 28, 2021:

John -- Yes, to some folks rhyming is "childish", and to me it isn't. It reminds me how someone from UK called phonetic pronunciation in Latin and in some Slavic languages (including my native Croatian) "childish" -- after I wrote how it has an advantage over English where you have to know a word to be able to pronounce it correctly. Otherwise you will pronounce "u" in words "but" and "put" the same way. With phonetic pronunciation every letter of the alphabet is always pronounced the same way, and I see it as practical and smart -- can't even figure why it could be "childish"..

But that only proves my point that different people see things different way, and it's impossible to please everyone -- even if you really wanted to do it. Like I said, without a rhyme, why bother calling it "poetry" -- other than because it's formed into a narrow column. If the column defines it, then we could put a weather forecast into a column and call it poetry.

Again, to each their own. I am having my fun with rhymes and messages I put in them. Every single one of my "poems" has almost instantly been taken to a special site by the Team, with me never having to first submit it -- so it looks like it's not entirely a time wasted.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on January 28, 2021:

I liked the way you almost made a sculpture out of the words of these poems, curving the right margin. You did well to maintain the ABAB rhyme scheme.

I find I can get my message across so much better and in fewer words by using poetry than prose, Val. For that reason it is my preferred form of writing and communicating.

I do feel the current “almost anything goes” rule as far as poetry is concerned has diminished the art somewhat, but many of my contemporaries may disagree. They belittle rhyming verse saying it is childish and stifles creativity. My opinion is that many find it too hard or are too lazy to write rhyming verse so they run it down as being behind the times.

No matter what you write or how you write it, Val, it makes people think about things, and ask questions, and that’s a good thing. Especially if you have fun doing it.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on January 28, 2021:

Bill -- Well, it's fun, if you noticed I am even playing with the right side margin making it nice and slant in either direction. But "effort"? -- No, at this age of mine, if something is not easy -- it's labeled impossible, lol.

Thanks for the praise, my friend.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on January 28, 2021:

Nice experiment, my friend. Much better than I could do at rhyming. In fact, I'm so bad at it, I don't even try, so kudos to you for making the effort. :)

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