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A Poem about my Ex-Girlfriend.

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Her name was Susan Nappy,
she always made me happy,
I didn't want a girlfriend much,
but I had to feel her touch.

Sixteen when we first meet,
said, "I swept her off her feet".
used all my charms,
she grew up in my arms.

Long blonde hair,
eyes didn't stare,
said she loved me a dozen times a day,
I thought, what could I say.

'Though she wouldn't do what I said,
(which drove me out of my head),
she's beautiful inside and out,
loves me, have no doubt.

Cooked and cleaned,
never got mean,
she was my first choice,
never raised my voice.

We made love every day,
a good wife, I would say,
I'd kiss her all over,
I was in clover.

Began to lose my mind,
she wasn't very kind,
our sex life was over,
I had to leave her.