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My Dream (An Ordinary Lady)

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Your character is more important than any thing .In my dream I taught a lesson from a moon


Most important thing is ur character

Last night I had a dream.

It was probably midnight

I was asleep. I was very sad.

Maybe that's why I dreamed.

A moon came down in my yard.

Seeing me, he asked me how I was.

I was looking at her in amazement.

he said, "I don't have time.

I will have more stars. Wait for me.

I said, "Allah has made such beautiful faces.

Why didn't He make me a little beautiful."

Moon laughed and said,

"It was just a matter of what is not the case.

Make your character better.

It is so good that people began to respect you.

Win your honor.

Make people's hearts with your morals.

He said goodbye to me

and went to the sky.

But when my eyes were opened,

I saw the moon in the sky.

He was happy with the cluster of stars.

The time was probably midnight.

I decided to follow the words of the moon..

And then I fell asleep satisfied

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