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My Dream 05/01/2020, A Poem about Death

Death the Jester was laughing at us all, a loud happy laugh …


My Dream 05/01/2020

I took a long nap I was very tired

I had a dream, I was at a party

The party was at a huge plantation mansion

But we were all dressed like it was the late 1920s

We all were in lovely evening clothes, both the men and the women

We were eating in a huge dining hall, it was a beautiful banquet

The men in tuxedos, the women in evening gowns

The man who owned the plantation was a happy arrogant man

He owned all of us, we were also his property

He had gifts pined on our clothes, jewelry or a happy moment in time

He would walk around pointed to one or the other of us

He asked us to point at which gift we would want

I pointed to a lovely moment in time on someone sleeve

His Jester dressed as a god shot at the gift with an arrow

The arrow opened up like a net and captured the gift I wanted with a net

I looked at the gift then up close

It was a cheap piece of costume jewelry, from the 1920s

Lovely, but just rhinestones, and gold plating, with the date 1926 on it

I said but I was a slave in 1926, and still I am still your slave now

The plantation owner threw his head back and laughed

He said yes!! and I still own all of you now

The Jester dressed as god of the ancient time laughed at him

The Jester spouted wings, he was Death as he laughed at this rich man

Death dressed as an ancient Greek god with wings yelled at him “FOOL”

Death shouted “You are a slave as well, I own all of you!”

“You just think you are a god over these here on your plantation”

One by one we all turned into very pale ghosts

Our lovely evening clothes started to look like garments of the dead

Like we have been dead in them for a very long time

The rich arrogant man who owned everything started to look very panicked

He was turning like the rest of us into a ghost, Death was the only one smiling now

Death the jester was laughing at us all, a loud happy laugh …

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