My December

Updated on January 25, 2018

My December

I awake to the dark unknown

Stomach churning, hands trembling

No appetite to start the day

Wash away yesterday’s mess

Brush the dead hair away.

The slow scrape of the keys on the table

Kill the lone light bulb

Tap the handle twelve times

Is the door locked safe?

Tap the handle twelve times.

My foot squeaks as I slide on the ice

Hidden beneath the fluffy snow

More black ice crunches under my feet

No-one around me

A lonely street.

I whizz past the fields which hold

The mere existence of the bare bodied trees,

On a high speed journey barely braking

My legs, my head, my eyes

All of them aching.

My body slumps at the cluttered desk

The post-it notes making my day as easy

As a knife through frozen butter

Another ten hours

Until I can scramble from the gutter

And yet again walk out to darkness,

The sky as black as the gloves

Failing to warm my icicle fingers,

To embark on my journey home

Whilst the anxiety still lingers.

I step through the door in to the smell of home

Her smile welcomes me into her arms

For the night I know there’s nothing to fear

And I awake to the brightness

Of a brand new year.

© 2018 Ellie Dolan-Yates


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