My Dearest Friends and Close Companions, "Repentance and Prayer"

Updated on December 12, 2018

Prayer has been and is my confidante,

It allows me to come, to go and enter in,

My heart has escaped the cares of life,

Because prayer has up-girded and girds me,

My soul sojourns because prayer has prevailed,

Repentance stood and stands in the gap at all the entrances and exits,

It is, the only one that can open the gates, courts, and doors,

Where clean waters procure purity,

Hasten not, step lightly and quietly,

Turn your heart from every distraction, keep your focus,

Repentance cautiously offers the correction,

For my approach to be respectful,

Not knowing how long I will be in my prayer chambers,

Conscious and cognizant that my own repentance,

Will be my registration fee to enter therein,

Repentance is my only friend,

We met at the crosswalk while in an interval of pain,

Grief and sorrow were my friends then,

They seemed to befriend me without my consent,

The symphonies of heartache my heart had come to know,

Repentance showed up and my heart rejoices at its presence,

We meet at various prayer locations,

Could be anytime and anywhere,

We are covenant agreement friends,

I am a friend to repentance,

Repentance is a friend to me,

Besides salvation, repentance has been there,

Even when I didn't know that I truly needed it,

Come with me, repentance declares,

We have so little time left in this space,

To do the first work that should have been done,

Balancing the overdue accounts, emotions, will, etc.

Itemizing deductions, both crediting and debiting too,

Purging accounts, to add accountability,

Due to overdrafts because of ill and irresponsibility,

Bearing my own soul to me first,

Getting me out of my own way,

So that I don’t step on my own toes, as I tread,

Then with a repentant heart communicating with the Most High,

Thereby the only item left in intercession is for and that

All would come to see the importance of repenting of sin,

Before prayers, and praise are uttered, clearing your own air,

Not repenting, can produce bad breath,

Repenterine might be the mouthwash needed,

I know it was for me, now I realize that

To be able to sing this hymn, with my whole heart,

Sweet is the hour of prayer,

That calls me from a world of cares,

And bids me at the Father’s throne,

To make all of my wants and wishes known,

In seasons of distress and grief,

My soul has often found relief

And often did I escape the tempter’s snare,

By the return of the sweet hour of prayer,

This robe of flesh I’ll drop and rise

To seize the everlasting prize,

I will sing and shout while passing through the air,

Farewell, farewell, sweet hour of prayer,

My dearest friend and companion repentance, and

My nearest confidante prayer.

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