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I Am Just Happy To Be Alive

I know that sounds pretty simple

Well it may be simplistic

Our bodies are extremely complex and amazing

Thinking without our heart beating we are done

Then all the other things that could go wrong

With one nasty cut, we could bleed to death?

If we are at the wrong temperature too hot or too cold we could also die

Well just a few quick thoughts that came to my mind

On a greater note

What about our amazing minds?

That thinks all the time

It never stops

Even when we are asleep

Our body gets exhausted and we need rest

We have to eat on a regular basis

Exercise to keep our body in better health

There are so many points to consider

Each makes my head swim

The weather is still too cold here for that

So I just will thank God or anyone who is responsible

For making it all work

I know sometimes I have trouble keeping my car running properly

Even when I bring it for regular oil changes and maintenance all the time

I am glad cars aren't like people

Because if they were

I wouldn't want a lemon


DREAM ON (author) on May 04, 2021:

Gypsy Rose Lee We have all dealt with many situations during our lifetime. We have to hang tough through the worst times to get to the best times. There is sometimes no rhyme or reason. If we pull it together we can see it all work out. It is not easy. You might want to consider a little furry friend. It can change the way you see things. You have companionship and also a bond. Sometimes you might need a break and talk with friends. Life can't be all work. There has to be a balance. Work by itself won't make everything right. You have done so much in a short time. Take care of yourself and things will change. I feel bad about the things you are going through. Anytime you want to text I am here. There are so many things that go wrong from day to day. If we see the great things that come out of it. We can see so much beauty and joy. Nobody can find happiness except you. I hope things are better and go lightly on the keyboard you don't want to break it.(lol) Have a lovely Monday. Take a nice walk and write all about it. It is easy to get in our own heads and forget how much we have done and accomplished. Take it slow. One day at a time.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on May 03, 2021:

I had a 5-day break due to burn out, Just too much to think about and now I am ready to continue writing online, Just could not move forward and now I wish I already had a little furry face to share all of this with, Other than that I wish you a great new week and I'll be here pounding away on the keyboard,

DREAM ON (author) on May 02, 2021:

Lorna Lamon Life is filled with so many variations of each. I try to do what you do because it not only works but it is truly wonderful. The sun is shining with a nice breeze. I really don't want to leave. Off to work and another good day under my belt.

Lorna Lamon on May 02, 2021:

I enjoyed this enlightening poem Dream On. I try to concentrate on a peaceful mind, healthy body and happy soul. I wish life were as simple. Thank you for sharing.

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