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My Darling of Thoughts


Being PU is a journey of discovery to being better than before person. Soulful journey is never an easy one to walk on. Enjoy the moment.


I am a thinker
burdened by my thoughts
mostly involuntarily involved
in the process of thought.

Though i would like to feel
that i like thinking a lot
but somehow i feel lost
when i am pulled in my own cloud of thoughts.

My thoughts are not radical or life changing
I feel they are utter nonsense
for in my world of thoughts 
i am a lonely thought.

sometimes i enjoy being 
lost in my own world
and dont like to be disturbed
by some sensible pitch of mind

who i wonder is like me
lost and happy in their mind
in the world of useless thoughts
as often been called by those who are mine.

yet i know it matters not
who thinks what of my thoughts
i am a lonely cloud of thoughts
and i am proud to be known as such.

though sad many times
and happy too
heartbreak and relations
all colour my world in a spray.

if not for my darling thoughts
that keep me company in all scenes
who else is so loyal and loving
who takes so good care of me?

Being Pu

© 2018 Being PU


Mark Tulin from Ventura, California on October 28, 2018:

We all tend to be thinkers, but most of us aren't aware of it. Nice, poem.