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The Damsel of the Sky

I am passionate about writing articles, stories and poems. Poem, is my special area of interest .I emphasize on the rhythm in my verses.

Had I been the gardener of the sky,

erasing all stigma very soon,

adorn you with twinkle blue stars,

made brighter, O my pretty moon!

Hiding The Sun, in the dusk,

I deferred the next gleam of the dawn,

spreading over glittery dewdrops,

on mystic meadows and the lawn.

Cloudlets are sweet, silky, cute,

gathered in an ivory tint white.

Woven fine the warmth rug of fur,

hugged you with, one moonlit night.

Showered your laughter of lights,

swaying upon lovely Butterfly,

Down the hill, soaked the riverbank,

The herd of cranes flew off to sky.

Charmed at your beauty, the love birds,

trilling in the dense bush hideouts,

Watched you, in moving above hill,

heading to north, milky white clouds.

May you be round in your shape,

crescent and slender in shy,

made you the queen of my kingdom,

Had I been the gardener of the sky.