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My Courtship Experience #2

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However, on the day that I concluded within me that I will call him aside to tell him my mind that was the day someone told me that a lady and her mother have just left my friend’s house and they have gone there to confront him and tell his parents that he has impregnated

The young lady. They have been dragging the issue for long, with the guy not wanting to accept the pregnancy until the lady’s parents got themselves involved in it. When I heard this, I thank my stars that I have not made a foolish move, the love I have for him fizzled off like

An ice that melts before the sun. Started thinking about him as gently looking as he is so he has been having fun without my knowledge, for all along I have been thinking he is a virgin like I am, hoping that we shall indubitably enjoy our relationship, for it would be a

Wonderful day, the day we shall taste sex for the first time, it would be a memorable experience on our paths, I thought to myself, but unknown to me that I have been riding on cockroach instead of riding on horse, making a fool of myself. What the pastor has said came

Back to my mind, anyone who has never wept before, when she is involved with wrong partner, she will weep everyday of her life. Again I thank my stars that I have not fumbled. I thence, distanced myself from him and would make the relationship once in a while until the

Relationship never exists again. As the door of his relationship got closed, then another door becomes opened, and it was the door of a matured man, something attracted me to him, how I became attracted to him I cannot say. This man has been around all along, but he is an

Easy going man, who does not have friend in the neighborhood. His mother died recently and it was during the burial of his mother that we started talking. He seems to be fond of me after the death of his mother as he usually calls me on phone asking of my welfare. For

Whatever reasons not so clear to me too, I discovered that, I also love to be in his companion and if I have not seen him within days, I would contact him to know what is happening with him. As if I am his wife, he would state to me in a step-by-step manner how

He has spent his day since the last time we saw until that moment. Like this we keep going and it was not long that my feelings for him become very deep, but, he is matured, about fifteen years older than me, and I was expecting to see his wife one day. However it has

Been two years that we have been regularly talking with each other, yet he has not for once introduced any lady to me as his wife nor his children. Could it be that he is yet single? I asked myself, but I could not get ready made answer for this and I do not have the boldness

Of confronting him to ask of such from him. Therefore, I let the sleeping dog lie, not asking of anything from him as we continued our acquaintance. The deep sited feeling for him could no longer be hidden as the people nearby have started to notice this, which I also

Know within me that it couldn’t be hidden. Then, I remembered the words I have heard from my friends long time ago that I could make the move, then one day I made the move, asked him about his wife and he told me he has no wife and no woman in his life, for he is

Even thinking of not marrying again. I told him he should not think like that, for there is always someone somewhere, who will fit perfectly into his life. What matters is for him to open his eyes to identify such a one. After this discussion, my interest for him grows and one

Day at night after we have talked and he wanted to leave me, I asked if he would not mind someone of my age to be romantically involved with.


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