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My Courtship Experience #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Debby Ibiwoye

Debby Ibiwoye

At a tender age, my mother used to tell me so many things about how dangerous men are, and the need for me to be extremely careful in the choice I would make in the future, because the person I choose to live the rest of my life with would largely affect what would become of

Me in the future, yea even presently. Since she has been telling this, as her only daughter, I have been storing her words of counsel into my heart. As she was telling me those, my teachers too used to tell me that anyone who will become great in life would mind her or his

Academics, because academics is the key that unlocks many things in the world at our age. Our age is not like in the time past when education is not as such valued, it is of high value now he would say. Adding those words together, I know that education is important and I

Must do my best to ensure that I am educated in life, and on another note, I need to be careful of the kind of man I shall be romantically involved with in the future so that I will not end my life in regrets. As a person who has been brought up in the house of prayer, I used

To commit these into the hands of God that he should lead me aright especially in the aspect of the person I shall be romantically involved with because our pastor also said, “have you seen anyone who has never cried for once all his or her life? If you have seen such a one

Tell him or her that he should make sure that he does not get into the hands of a wrong woman, because if he gets married to a wrong woman, he will everyday be crying, the same with a lady who has been brought up in a house that is full of love, joy, happiness and peace,

If such a one becomes romantically involved with a wrong man, she will everyday be crying. It is true that divorce is allowed now, but it would not occur without a scar, and someone with a scar on his body cannot be compared with someone who has not scar on his

Body”. These words added together becomes like a bridle that someone who rides on horses uses in controlling the horses, these words curbed my actions. Many of my friends have gotten engaged to a young guy that they love, but I was yet single. There is a guy of


About the same age as I that we have been close friends, we have been visiting each other’s houses, and we are doing practically everything together, this friendship we wanted to turn to love, because people have said someone who one is fun of, someone who one is his

Good friend will make a good lover and would have a wonderful home. I have been considering being romantically involved with him, but he was not forthcoming, he was not making proposals to me. During the course of interacting and discussing with some of my

Friends, that have shared the experiences that they have read on the social media to me, that it is in the part of the world that we belong to that we usually think that it is a guy who should first propose to a lady. They said sometimes what some guys are battling with would

Not make them propose early but when one knows that she is in love with a guy one can bell the cart like people in advanced countries do, they cited examples of people who are married and happily living whose wives are the ones who proposed to them. after I heard

Their words, my love life come alive and I decide that, I would propose to the young man because I also want to enjoy what others are enjoying, I want to feel what relationship is and as it has been stated that those who are good friends would make good romantic relationships

And homes, I look forward to having nice time with the young man and eventually become married to him.