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My Confidant: The Mirror

Chitrangada loves to express her moods and emotions, through her poems. Most of her poems are free style and spontaneous with Nature at core

Mirror reflections

Mirror reflections

Short Poems on Mirror

The following set of poems have been composed with the weekly word prompt, given by my fellow writer and dear friend, Brenda.

Brenda is a wonderful creative writer, and has composed many beautiful poems, on HubPages and other online writing platforms. She is right, when she says that word prompts, help creativity.
Her weekly word prompts have inspired many fellow writers, and there is a continuous flow of good creative writing, by them.

Word Prompt— Mirror

’Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest of us all,’

On reading about this word prompt, I was at once reminded of these lines, from the fairy tale, which I am sure, all of us have read in our childhood, and remember by heart.

Therefore, the basic theme of my poems in this post, is to highlight this.
The mirror can reflect only your outward appearance or beauty. The real beauty is your inner self.

We can look at the mirror, and find many shortcomings with ourselves. But, at the same time, we can feel good about ourselves, by counting our blessings.

Hope you like my little effort, Brenda.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror— Acrostic and Short Poems

Short Poem 1:

I don't need the mirror,

To see my deep inner Reflections,

I just close my eyes.

Short Poem 2:

Looking at the humble mirror,

Is sometimes curiously important to me,

To see how others see me.

Short Poem 3:

Made up, dressed up, and pretty,

A fake smile on the face, to match,

Oh mirror! Why don't you show the storm within my heart!

Acrostic Poem:

Mirror knows all,

I can't hide from it,

Right or wrong,

Remorse or repentence,

Only one confidant,

Reflections of my true self.

Interesting Quotes

* ‘Mirrors show us, what we look like, not who we are.’

* ‘If you are searching for that one person, that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.’

* ‘Look in the mirror, that’s your competition.’—Eric Thomas.

* ‘Mirrors lie. They don’t show you, what’s inside.’

* ‘You have to look beyond the mirror, to see yourself.’—Kimto Oche Emmanuel.

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