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My Coffee Shop

I'm currently a university student studying business, with a passion for reading, writing and everything literature!

My Coffee Shop

My coffee shop

Caresses my feet

In fluffy cotton waves

As I drown and

I drown and my soul drowns

In the blankety goodness

Of Saturday dawns

And Saturday tunes,

Saturday evenings

And Saturday noons.

My coffee shop

Comes to life when I do –

As my body dances

Into and out of Gravity’s embrace –

My feet hit the floor

And the coffee shop

Opens its door –

Artificial light slaps my face

As my languorous limbs

Desperately cling

To my sad excuse for a mug –

My feet waltz to the machine

At effervescent snail’s pace

For my daily caffeinated morning hug –

I pop and chop and change

And wait

For the enchanted apparatus to

Sing and hum and purr

The tune of my daily morning magic,

The absence of which would be

Oh so tragic –

I wait and watch and wait

And listen

To the all too familiar melody –

A complex waltz of aromatics

With pops of Flamenco and honey –

I gently hold

My mug and I drool

At the sight of this

Golden, liquid jewel –

I reverently sip and swill with skill

And contemplate a twenty-seventh refill –

The coffee shop is open,

And life has begun.


Coffee is a part of the morning ritual of many people across the globe. A lot of the time, it serves as more than simply a drink to fuel us through the day. For many, including myself, it serves as a brief time to relax, unwind and reflect.

I would go so far as to say that the process of brewing and drinking a cup of coffee is almost oddly cathartic in some ways. It is something that I look forward to daily, and so I decided to dedicate a poem to this caffeinated beverage that I love and cherish so much.

© 2020 Shreya Venkat

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