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My Cat Snores

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It's about sharing space. It's about appreciating the moment. It's about not forcing things. It's about a cat.

Neal Catrick Harris


my cat snores
and makes other sounds
when he breathes in
and when he breathes out
and this only happens
when he's sleeping real sound
this doesn't happen so much
when folks are around
But if you take time to be
in that cat's space
and you don't waste all the time
stroking under his face
if you just share the moment
when you both are there
if you just pass some time
and share the same air
the cat may come over
and then may lay down
and if you leave him alone
you may hear snoring sounds.

Hard To Hear But The Cat IS Snoring

Not as hard to hear if you want to hear cat's snoring!

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