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My Caste Ridden Country

My Worth Is Decided By My Caste

My country is divided into segments

Through which the class of person is judged

And their social position is marked

Yes! We are divided into Class and Categories

Why people talk about equality

When I cannot see any

They put out culture into shame

By mocking someone for their cast so lame

Just don’t think others life as non-worthy game

I hear people talking about rights

Rights which makes people difficult to breath

And hampering harmony

With disease of their mind

But they don’t know is

It’s a deadly sin

Against the creator

Who made us with same love

But they say we aren’t the same

Last night I saw something tragic

Enough to drown the humanity

I saw a cute little chubby boy playing with his football in the yard and suddenly he kicked the football towards the road where an old labour lady was picking something.

She saw the ball and picked it up, When the boy came to her she gave the ball to him.

As soon as the boy’s mother saw this, She came quickly and told the boy to never take anything from this peoples as they’re untouchables.

Why to manipulate an innocent

By such discriminating event

And spreading hate between brothers

Why to divide and torture others ?

And what the society fears ?

To love their own kinds ?

Trees don’t give well ripened fruits to higher class people

And rotten fruits to lower class

Do Sun won’t give its warmth to untouchables?

Why to hate people based on man-made ideas?

- Srushti Gamit

Casteism - A Different Kind Of Racism

The worst thing happened to India is Caste System, it has divided the society like no other. India‘s caste system is a “Race classification system“.

I heard people saying there’s no lower castes, We all are equal, caste system nowadays became defunct etc. but the truth is we are still facing it.

Such people are really afraid and ashamed for revealing their castes specially when they belong to so called “lower or backward class“. They are afraid to see how the other person will react knowing their caste. As per my knowledge students are mostly affected by such discrimination as they are also worried about what their fellow classmates were think about them.

I have seen many people who are not actually ashamed of the caste they belong but they are ashamed because people will then start a new form of disgust towards them by calling them “Reserved Ones”. And the one who get privileges just because they are born into that caste.

Many people belonging to lower class has gained so much respect in many sectors but still this discrimination should come to an end.

As a society we should never mock a people based on their caste. Just think about the mental bullying they through from their childhood, from the age they don’t even know the actual meaning of caste.

Now the most funny part is that any Indian citizen can actually change their caste by simply obtaining a certificate from the government. And people are criticising each other for just a piece of paper.

I found this on Quora. Indian peoples are really facing the issues of casteism and how other people actually treat them is shameful


© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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