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My Butterflies


That rainy day, when you held my hand,
I thought I was a butterfly,
that I could fly
I thought my wings would carry me
To a place where nothing felt wrong
A place where I’d belong
The height didn't scare me, neither did the ink of night,
For I was nearing you
The euphoria of holding you,
Greater than the fright
The twinkle in my eyes lit up the still water
But then a saw a girl,
Her black orbs devoid of any gleam, staring back at me
I was drawn to her melancholy
Like a moth to a flame
I followed her grief
Hoping to be her relief
Yet I brushed it off, the slight twitch of hesitance,
For I had to reach you first,
My thoughts dispersed
The more I put up a fight
The more I realised it felt right
We fit together perfectly
Like two notes of a symphony
She drew me in, pulled me by the string,
And in summer I saw spring,
Suddenly the world disappeared,
Towards her I steered
I thought I knew what it was to love,
With her, everything felt anew
Her touch kissing my skin like morning dew
Her words washed my worries away,
Everyday I felt lesser grey,
After the cloudburst, I saw a rainbow,
She was the prism inside my dark space
so I let her stay
I let her in
Confessed to her all my sins
When I felt she’d walk away
She held my hand with a smile
Saying,”Forever I’ll stay”
To you, my love,
I bid adieu
As with her hand in mine,
I start my life anew

© 2021 Leisha R

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