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My Broken Castle

My broken castle

I invited you into my heart and soul.

A little castle I had built to shield myself from people.

I trusted you with knowledge of my secret entrance to my home.

Your light pierced through each room and brought warmth

But you changed a storm and brought destruction

Then you upped and left everything upside down

You picked yourself up like the sunrise and walked into the horizon

I witnessed your love as it touched the faraway mountain

It sunk in like the setting of a winter’s sun.

Beautiful beyond measure but out of reach.

I am wishing for you not to come back.

With my heart dangling like a necklace because you ripped it out of my chest.

Like a bucket reaching the bottoms of a well just for you to get your cup.

And yes you sipped on my tears

And hung my heart which you had ripped apart;

Left it in the open for the sunset vulture to feast upon.

Now I will salvage what remains of my castle.

I will go off to no man’s land and rebuild my castle.

And I will shut the world out and let in no soul.

Not even a pinch of light shall I let in for fear that my hurt be exposed

You ripped me naked and left me in the open

I will shelter myself and be in my own little fortress.

Safe from mankind, the greatest monster to ever roam earth.

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