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My Brief Momental Experience at the Bus Stop

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Poems when composed spontaneously provokes real truths, since the feelings are created at the exact moment in the NOW.

Women Catching The Bus

Women Catching The Bus

It's past 7pm at night, as I wait for the bus light to shine,

I observe the melange of colorful attires,

Zooming past my dimming eyes,

And being aware of the happenings,

I slip into a brief slumber.

In a momentary blink of the eye,

I ponder the gross experiences of life,

and recall a thousand paths I trudged so vividly,

In the race to fulfill my gargantuan desires.

“Is it worth being a part of this?” I mused

Still deep in the state of reverie,

I just feel released imagining some joyous moments of life,

Till my utopian dream is snipped by a loud horn of the bus.

I go forth on my journey in a rickety bus,

Shaking abruptly while observing the vast expanse of blue and black,

It’s a worthy experience I feel

To be a part of the traveling community,

Exchanging, conversing, and creating stories along the way.

© 2020 Danny

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