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My Body is Not a Democracy: A Free Verse Poem of Empowerment

Jennifer Wilber is a writer who also works as an English tutor and substitute teacher. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and English.


My body is not a democracy.

Debates and popular vote have no influence

Over the laws of the land.

They are decided by my ruling, alone.

Nor is it a dictatorship,

To be overthrown by force.

Mutineers will be swiftly exiled.

Invaders will be destroyed at the gates.


It is not a theocracy,

To be governed by an unseen deity,

With rules interpreted and enforced by men

Who created the “God” in their own images.

My body is a monarchy,

In which I am the sovereign queen.

My power, granted by royal birth,

Cannot be taken away.


Why I Wrote This Poem

I wrote this poem to empower women to have the courage to take control of their own lives and their own bodies. Even in 2018, women are constantly told what to do with their own bodies. From politicians trying to would restrict women from being able to access needed healthcare, to relatives of child-free women pressuring them to “settle down” and have children; from male romantic partners expecting physical intimacy anytime they want, to our society as a whole pressuring women to have certain body types that are completely unrealistic and unachievable for most of us, women face too much pressure and unwanted input regarding our bodies. This poem is meant to speak out against this and to tell women that they are the only ones who can make decisions regarding their own bodies.

© 2018 Jennifer Wilber


Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on June 26, 2018:

Jennifier, in all actually your body is all of those but the monarchy should be the one in control.

Democracy - a system of governing where "the group" controls all activities of the whole. Little do we realize the various origins are individual living entities although a part of the whole body they can function in another body is why "transplants" are successful. If any origin is out of sorts the entire body has a reaction to it and it's function reflects the disorder, thus, the whole is thereby controlled by it.

Dictatorship - A governing system where there is a single director of all actions. No matter what happens with or to one's body the "nervous system" via the brain is what allows it to happen.

Theocracy - A system governed by a deity alone. Although the origins of the body can be transplanted into another body, as long as they are n your body, functioning or not, it is your life-force that has ultimate control for if an organ isn't transplanted it discarnates once the life-force leaves the body.

Monarchy - A system controlled by an individual given the power by the group to direct their actions. Monarchy and Theocracy are the same their only difference is one is called a diety while the other is only afforded the concept of royalty.

In the light of the fore going, you are all of the systems of governing you deny being. In all honesty, no "external governing state" of separate entities can actually be any of those systems because each individual person has the ability to leave any state at will. What has happened with human/woman is we have allowed other human/woman to control our thinking to the point we are not willing to be our own authority as we are in our bodies. What do you think?

(How do I make a Devil?)

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