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My Blue Shirt Boy

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Ali is a young writer who lives in Manila, Philippines. She has the heart for words and soul for poetry.



You are the blueshirt boy. You wear blue when I first met you. You strummed your blue guitar. You cleaned your face with your blue handkerchief. You like to stare at the blue skies.

I started wearing blue. I painted myself blue. I pretend to like the color blue. You pretend to love me too.

Loving him

Loving him is a quest. You know you will lose in the end but you still try.


His words could either bring you to the happiest place in the earth or in a room where he's not there anymore.

I love you

The most beautiful sound to me is not his music. It's his voice when he said 'I love you', even if it's a lie.


I don't know where this love I have for you comes from. It's so huge I don't know where to put it now that you're gone.

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