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My Beloved at Metro Station

Harish Mamgain is passionate about writing. He loves poetry.


My Beloved at Metro Station

Always eager to meet her
At Metro station, I keep waiting for her
This is the meeting point
Where I find time to have her daily
She is so attractive and gorgeous
Her body exquisite, so proportionate
As if gods have chiseled her figure
Each part of her enchants my eyes
I keep looking at her and her moves
The moment she comes and smiles
I get so delighted at her sight
She never disappoints me
My heart beats in love at her look
And I can 't help but smile back
Very pretty and perky she is
Always comes and meets me in time
Rarely I find her late on any day
She stays there for a while
Then she makes a gesture
She laughs and invites me in
Since I pay for her company
I take her for granted
And take a certain joy of having her
She doesn' t mind it at all
She 's always willing and friendly
In fact , she always loves a company
Who enjoys reaching a destination
We may go along any far we like
But she is too chirpy and chatty
No moment she remains silent
Too talkative and proud she walks
But I don' t mind it all
I 've no option but to bear with her
Her talk is awesome , smooth , and straight
She 's won my heart with her blithe gait
It 's become too difficult to move without her
I need her constant company
My beloved Metro train
Who comes on time at the station
Where I flock to meet her
She appears daily at the Metro Station
And she never ditches me
Like this cynic and wily world

© 2019 Harish Mamgain