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My Beloved "Epi"

Maria is from Melbourne, Australia. She writes poetry and song lyrics collaborating with musicians who give life to her words through music.

Dedicated with love to a great man, friend and poet -

Colin Stewart of Canada aka Epigramman.

Do you know my friend from Lake Erie?

A humble soul who wrote 1000 poems to keep us cheery

I miss that man so gentle and true

I fear he has gone away, dear God, so soon

Quietly to repose, without a final overture

Will he, I wonder, ever write me again

Will he ever pen those clever lines with a twist and funny end

Will he ever critique my poems and take off his hat

I miss you dear friend – I never got to touch your hand

Oh, sweet gentleman from a frosty distant land

You were my reason for writing and loving again

I will not this day bid you farewell

Let me believe that you still breathe

And are not merely a ghost without a quill

Let me sleep and dream of days of frivolity

And remember also darker days of comfort

In the midst of many a thick mist of life’s trials and tragedies

Let me just once more hear your gentle voice, my love

You crazy, cheeky, cat loving Canuck

Do not dare leave this earth

Without a proper adieu

For I am your eternal admirer

This I’m sure you always knew

I will wait for you

My beloved Epi

In one hand, I shall hold a quill

In the other, I shall hold a rose

I will wait for you dear friend

Here, between the lines of my prose.

© 2021 Maria D'Alessandro

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