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My Beautiful Lover

Ravi Rajan is a software program director who writes on varied subjects from history, archaeology to leadership and writing techniques

A Bit About This Poetic Form

This poetic form is inspired by the "renga" form of poetry practiced in Japan for hundreds of years. A "renga" also called a "linked poem" originated in Japan to increase collaboration between the poets. Each renga is written by multiple collaborating poets.

In this simplest form, a renga consists of two poets asking and answering questions. To create a renga, the first poet writes the first poetic verse that is mostly 2-3 stanzas long. This is followed by the second poet who "answers" the question posed by the first poet and so on. The Japanese version had strict rules of syllable count but in modern times, the rules have been relaxed resulting in making this poetic form popular in many countries beyond Japan.

Renga often turns into healthy poetic contests and can go into hundreds of lines. The language of the poem is often nature-oriented and consists of words associated with seasons, flowers, or even love. Erotic elements are often avoided in this poetic version. Renga poetic form is also one of the best ways to instill creative writing in children.

This version of renga is inspired by Brenda Arledge's week 15 prompt "Sunshine"

My Beautiful Lover

What are those sunlit waves
sifting through the twilight zephyrs
fading through the silvery mist?

They are not sunlit waves,
but the refulgent tresses
of my beautiful lover.

What are those glistening sun drops,
blooming flowers in jaded autumn
meandering within my senses?

They are not glistening sun drops,
but the resplendent eyes
of my beautiful lover.

What is that assuaging sunshine
that thaws the wintry frost
enthralling my palpitating heart?

That is not assuaging sunshine,
but the stupefying smile
of my beautiful lover.

What is that supernal sound
reverberating through the velvety sunset
tormenting my stolen soul?

That is not a supernal sound,
but the mellifluous laughter
of my beautiful lover.

What is that unseen force
that shatters the somnambulistic skies
destroying my sunshine dreams?

That is not unseen force,
but the merciless fate
that snatched away my beautiful lover.

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