My Beautiful Friend

Updated on February 12, 2018
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I love to write all kinds of poems, I am creative and always looking for improvement. Living life to the fullest.

My best friend is quiet

My bestfriend is amazing

My best friend has long dark chocolate hair that flows through the air like waves in the sea.

My best friend has genuine eyes that when you look into her eyes you can see that she is a sincere and loving person.

My best friend is like a rose petal, so gentle and beautiful

My best friend is strong like the seashells of the ocean withstanding each wave as it comes.

My best friend is courageous like a lion

My best friend smiles at the sun

My best friend is always their when someone needs her help

My best friend can conquer any storm that comes her way

I thank God for sending me such a friend that she can be called my sister.


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    • pinkladyphillips profile image

      Shantal Siomara Phillips 2 months ago from Utah

      @robin Carretti- thank you ☺ i don't have any siblings and this poem is about my best friend we aren't related but we should have been ☺

    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 2 months ago from Hightstown

      That is so amazing and it's your sister lovely