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A Collection of Poetry


America is a interesting place. It is the country I call home.

The United States has its good and bad times. I think we will eventually get through the corona pandemic. It may take some time and a lot of research to find a cure but we will one day get there.

I wanted to write a poem about America. There is no place quite as unique as the United States. I was born and raised in America. The poem below is a tribute to where I live and how I view my country.


A dynamic place rich in culture

The prosperous darling on

a hill

Naysayers, pot bangers, protesters

The politically driven

minds of change,

sometimes right and sometimes wrong


A nation of many faces

both white and black,

Asian and Hispanic

The multitude of nationalities working

hard to climb the ladder of


My America

built on values and principles

A country of laws and customs


The music fierce and addictive

like crack to its user

America both

dark and bright

Yes, that's my America

Here is another poem I wrote about five years ago. It is about the bible. A book, I strongly value and believe in. It is my ode to the holy scriptures.

A Bible Verse

Sacred parables of wisdom

hidden in time and wonder

Here are few more of my poems that I wrote in my spare time. It ranges in tone and expression. I hope to inspire with my poetry.

Love Note

The pages of our lives turn like a

book newly read

Overtones mark its transition

even school boys can't write its ending


Autumn sun battles

Grey nimbus clouds

As we drift into

tomorrow's battle cry


A feeling that never lasts

leading to a road closed

as we count the past

as seconds gone by

too soon



When opportunity knocks

I will be standing at the door

waiting for an invitation to come in

and grab my chance at success

It will by my calling

when opportunity knocks

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