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My Agweng' My Nyar Town


Agweng’, My Nyar Town

Agweng',my beautiful village girl,
Her beauty makes me step on the cactus thorns,
Without notice, I step on them
As I smile at my beautiful Agweng'
I smile hiding the pains from my beautiful village girl.

Agweng’, my African sun,
When my sun rises, even the kings from the North,
Praise her perfectly beaming beauty.
Her bright and embracing face looks so bright
Just like her heart that brings life to light.

Agweng,’ my beautiful queen,
When she pays me a visit,
I got no worry for her bus fare.
My Agweng’ walks a distance so far,
And doesn't care about the dust that covers her cracked heels.

Agweng’, oh my Agweng'
When she comes to visit me at my home,
She carries along her packed lunch,
To share with me under the mango tree,
I have no worries of rushing to cook her delicacies- since
Her fried “ omena" tastes sweet and the soup,bitter sweet
Like the sup from the aloe Vera plant.

My Agweng‘, how she brings smiles to my life,
Despite my tough working conditions,
My mega wedges on cruel working days,
My Agweng’ is still by my side
Knowing the good days will come still.

Nyar Town, my beautiful town girl,
Her beauty, makes me Work under the scorching sun,
That heats my back as it breaks.
To bring her breakfast in bed,
She waits that I serve her.
I smile at her and I calculate the hard earned cash
That I spend on her.
I think about the pain that the working tools
Inflict on me on a daily basis.

Nyar Town, my African sun,
When she rises, even the kings from the North
Fight to feed by her side.
She is their escort girl, carry her around like their wallet.
In comparison, She will never match the smiles of Agweng’
Fancy parties and clubbing holidays they call my Nya Town.

Nyar Town, oh my Nyar Town.
When she comes to visit me at my home,
I worry about what to cook for her.
Nyar Town eats preferential meals.
Intercontinental dishes she prefers.
When I can't cook, I work extra hours to spend on our date,
My heard earned week's wedges.

My Nyar Town, how she brings blessings to my life,
Despite her hefty demands,
My harsh working conditions,
Nyar Town still threatens to leave my side.
When I fail to beat her demands,
Nyar Town, knows the good days will come still.
My Agweng’,my Nyar Town.

By Millicent Akinyi Okello .

© 2021 Millicent Okello

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