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Mutual Force #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Some people within the island thought he was bluffing by what he said and they called

Some of the elders of the town together to go and reason with him that he should pipe low

And listen to voice of wisdom, but he would not listen to the leaders who have gone to

Deliberate with him. The youths of the island who were alleging the elders of the

Island wrongly were talked to by the leaders that they should go to him to reason with

Him, thence the youths also gathered together their representatives and met with the

King but he did not listen to them. in the same wise were the representatives of

The women in the island followed by some selected representatives of business moguls

Yet the man would not bulge. After all dialogue means have been explored and the

King failed to listen to them, the people said to themselves that he that makes

Peaceful resolution impossible, the person cannot avoid forceful resolution and thereafter

The people started demonstrating throughout the streets of the island, paralyzing many

Things. As he discovered that many of the economic activities have been paralyzed he

Started arresting people in the island and killing some. As he changed the trend of things

The leaderships of many of the groups had to flee the island on political asylum to another

Island, but there are some who thought the king would not dare touch them and they

Insisted on staying back even when people tell them that a good warrior must know how

To retreat for safety, because a warrior who does not do that will eventually die like a

Wise man who died at the backyard of a fool. Yet those people do not listen and they

Continued to prove themselves in the island. When the king discovered that he cannot

Arrest a particular group because of its international influence, he sends hired killers to

Them during one of their secret meetings which they did not let anyone know. The

Hired killers killed turn the place to a slaughter slab as they killed all present there.

However, the vice of the person killed could not make it to the meeting that day because

Mandisa - Overcomer

Of certain infection that came on him overnight. He was thinking he would get well

Before the time but the infection worsens. That was what saved him from being killed

Alongside with others. When he heard of the incident, he lay low for he knows that he

Would be one of the target of the hired killers. During the midnight watch he left the

Island for another and on getting to the new island he met with one of the revolutionist

Who had fled the island at the inception of the king’s malfeasance on getting to the man

He discovered that the man has been moving his loyalists out of the island gradually

Since he exit the island and has formed a big company in another island. This man used

To meet with his people to deliberate on the strategy they will use to dethrone the king

And or kill him if he cannot be dethroned. When this man gets to their camp he was

Told by the leader that the person who seeks him also seeks him thence, the need for them

To come together with one force to map out the means of getting him off the seat of

Kingship in the island. The man agrees with him and they combined forces, since he

Left the island not quite long and among the strategies his team has mapped out before he

Sold to them. they harness their strategies together and they attacked the island when the

King least expected. The king who had been thinking he still have loyalists among his

Killers did not know that many of them were left behind as spies, and it was surprising to

Him that they all turned against him during the attack and he was killed. After being killed

The people of the island wanted to make one of those people their leader pending the

Time that they will choose another king but they rejected the offer and ask that they

Choose a new leader according to the global standard. This was done and the island

Regains her peace after about 12 years of brutal leadership of the killed king.


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