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Mutual Force #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


When he was crowned the king of the island the people of the island

Were happy because for close to a decade they have been without a definitive

Leader. The two royal houses have been at loggerheads with each other on who

Should become the king of the island. This degenerated greatly that they had to

File cases against each other in the law court asking the court to interpret some of

The ancient rules and statements of their forefathers for them. during the process of

The court actions there have been series of attacks on the people of the town, it

Primarily started with the two ruling houses, then it degenerated into the island as

Those who were loyal to each ruling houses started fighting one another and there

Have been several killings, loss of properties and investors who have been in the

Island have migrated out of the island, and those who do not migrate perhaps because

Of a citizen of the island who is one of the shareholders ensure that they distanced

Themselves from the case either covertly and or openly and in fact they ensure that

They do not officially sell things to any of the ruling houses again so that they will not

Incur the wrath of the loyalists. If any of the ruling houses come to purchase things from

The company they will not except such comes secretly, by sending a completely naïve

Person to the company to get the things for them. this continued for as long as the court

Case lasted. The joy of all knew no limitation when the jurists put end to the case and

Interpreted the clause to them telling them the house that should ascend the throne.

The situation was tense few days after this, then the people started reasoning among

Themselves that they cannot continue like that if they want their island to progress as

New Beginnings

They had lost many things during the process of the tussle. When the people reasoned

Among themselves like this and they stopped being manipulated neither being used by

Any of the ruling clans, the ruling house that lost the battle many of her children left

The town when they discovered that they had no sound footing again. The rituals

That were needed to be conducted for the appointed ruling house to do started in

Earnest as the house presented her candidate to the priests in charge of the coronation.

Soon enough the coronation was done and he becomes the king over the island. He

Has been a respected man within the island since his youthful days, and now that he has

Become the king the people were elated trusting that the needful changes would be

Brought into the island, and all that they had lost would be restored a way or another

The merriment in the island knows no limitation when he was crowned and for seven days

All the houses in the island were marrying, suspending their works at farms and other things

A week long public holiday was declared for the people so that they would rest from

The hardship passed through for a decade while foods and money were given to the

People so that they would not feel the impact of not going to their respective places of work.

After this, he started his leadership and everything was going on well during the first

Three years, but at the expiration of the third year he changed and becomes a dictator. The

People could not fathom what has came upon him and there were demonstrations here and

There against his leaderships, but he would not change the style of leading as he clearly

Stated to them, anyone who cannot abide by his new style of leadership is free to leave

The island for another, for as long as he lives and continues to be their leader, that is how he

Would be leading them.


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