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Tapping a Higher Frequency

A Prompt: Draw a landscape

you think American citizens should

fight to save. A worthy prompt for

a worthy cause.

Everyone dies eventually, so why

expedite the process? Ruining the

environment equates slow suicide.

Does it just affect humans? No

way. Everything with paws/claws,

wings/crawls is a life. It is filled

with difficulty and strife, so why

knock everything out of balance?

It's all about me. Really? It's

hard to watch this go on. Everyone

is wrapped in their own bubble and

if not directly affected, then they are

only temporarily distracted. Such

short attn spans.

I beg, listen to the intellectuals,

they see what's coming. The

writing is there, but must be

read and interpreted. Our Mother

is speaking.

The power of the individual

and greed. The ego that all are

trapped in, forgetting that what

affects one, affects all. It is a

web of life.

The alarm bells are sounding,

so why aren't many listening and

heeding? Everyone must remain

grounded, but also should be aware.

Am I awake? Am I prepared?

Am I emotionally and spiritually

awake/aware of what's going on

around me? There seems to be a

lack of knowledge, respect, and

empathy. The human consciousness level

is rising. Can I join? Of course. It

starts with a change of thought. From

me to we- shedding the burdensome

ego, and thinking of others-collectively.

Am I prepared for any new

challenge/obstacles I might face? Am

I prepared for everything? Well, no,

not everything...that's impossible.

Many have suffered because they

weren't prepared. I need to protect

my self, family, community.

Is it safe to stay or time to go?

That I cannot say. No one knows

what the future may hold, but if

trends continue, it looks bleak.

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