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Musings of a Fool

The easy way takes too much thinking
I'm the long side of a dreamer
My common sense is sinking
To the world half my brain I'm giving
People are always explaining
I do what it is they're saying
Then go back to the way I was living

If you want me to wake up
You're going to have to be a storm
But I'm thinking you want to walk with me
We are cloudless skies without form

Why so much between a breath
Is the next word all that is left
Is a thought as long as I can exhale
It doesn't seem fair to restrict my depth
My tongue is tied my pen has dried
It's desperate instinct, what can I expect
Except a rip tide shore already swept

Where am I walking now, only I know
I hear what you say but there is a stronger pull
What I would write in a moment's certainty
Are the musings only apparent to a fool

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