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Musings With My Poet Friends. Monday's Inspiration 30, to Michael-Milec

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

A Seer-Poet


Poetry expresses or manifests itself in innumerable forms. Love, the Supreme Artiste; Author of both Light and shadow, is quintessentially boundless and unfathomable.

The esoteric or mystic poet, is predominantly a vehicle or channel for this higher Light-Source, painting a calligraphy of myriad patterns, for the Spirit of life. This – like a stage on the theatre of experience – is conveyed through wit, humour, wisdom or fascination and other forms of endeavour, all uniquely valid in their own way.

Is it a hanging tear drop; a scream of laughter; a splash across the screen of memory; a word or sound to send the Heart into a state of rapture? Who can tell? One perceives, both human and non-human, but only the Light fathoms.

The silv’ry rain falls upon the wind; flowers sing and dance, while blossoming to symphonies; the willow whispers to the moon.

Wisdom-quote from Sri Chinmoy


Burning With Love in the Garden of Enchantments

Last night I visited the Garden of Enchantments.

My winged falcon soared;

Ascended like a cordless kite,

Floating above the portals of Her illumined Kingdom.

O bird of Light, you sing and dance,

Reeling from an inebriate wine,

Flowing from the redolence of Her breath, like tulips.

She played with the succulence of my lips,

Burning with the intensity of a thousand flares!

My core became aflame with passion,

Beating my Heart with the fire of longing.

Burning and stuporous from this fever of Love,

I was dowsed and cradled

On the bosom of the Beloved One.

-Manatita 26th February, 2018.

~ Awakening The Inner Light ~

Rumi, a Seer-Poet


The poetry of Sri Chinmoy

"You must never forget

That greatness

Does not guarantee happiness,

But goodness does." -Sri Chinmoy

Wisdom-quote from Sri Chinmoy


Wisdom-aphorism from Sri Chinmoy

"Peace is God's constant Grace;

War is man's immediate disgrace." -Sri Chinmoy

Poetry as a Service to the Heart

© 2018 manatita44

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