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Music Connects Us, Wherever And Whoever We Are

Emee.chan loves music and likes exploring different genres, from pop to heavy metal.


A No Name Song

If you could be a song,
What kind of song would you be?
Would it be happy or sad, fast or slow?
What kind of story would you wish to tell us all?

Would your melody be as dark as finest chocolate,
Just as mysterious and exquisite?
Or would your melody be as finest silk,
Flowy and light like petals dancing in the air?

Would your lyrics convey all of
Which you don't or can't speak of?
All of the feelings your heart so selfishly keeps?
Whispering them softly, so that no one else hears.

Whatever your choice of music turns out to be,
Be certain that it will reach other souls
That play a similar catching melody.
A melody of a no name song.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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