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Murmurs a Lone Heart

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Amidst the carcasses of humanity

I mumble in loneliness

Whether anyone around

Wears the same tenderness

I fiddle around in search of

A heart that throbs

A kind heart with emotions

To understand my pain & sobs

With this splintered heart

Smashed into smithereens

I wander around

With shattered hopes in my teens

I behave so abnormally

Suddenly being convulsed with laughter

Suddenly shouting in anguish

& crying in pain thereafter

Unable to make out

The trouble I am undergoing

I need a true friend

To perceive what I am saying

I might be uttering

The words too sour

" Forgive me " utters

The heart from its core

"I feel soaked in guilt"

Murmurs the heart

"I am too burdened

To carry further the cart (of life)"

" I am sorry "

Says the heart to the soul

" All that you suffer,

I beseech, may it be the last to fall"


Adnan from Earth, Universe on June 12, 2019:

You're always welcome... :) just keep up the good work... There is ample of support from everyone of us....whenever you need...:)

Shivangi Rani (author) on June 12, 2019:

Thanks for those motivational words Adnan :) ....

Adnan from Earth, Universe on June 12, 2019:

I hope the heart finds the same tenderness in the one it looks for....but it won't have to wait for long if there exists an exact identical symphony....believe me( speaking from my experience).....thank you so much for sharing such a heartfelt verse....and congratulations on receiving the " five article accolade"....just keep going :).....

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