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Murmurs a Lone Heart

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Amidst the carcasses of humanity

I mumble in loneliness

Whether anyone around

Wears the same tenderness

I fiddle around in search of

A heart that throbs

A kind heart with emotions

To understand my pain & sobs

With this splintered heart

Smashed into smithereens

I wander around

With shattered hopes in my teens

I behave so abnormally

Suddenly being convulsed with laughter

Suddenly shouting in anguish

& crying in pain thereafter

Unable to make out

The trouble I am undergoing

I need a true friend

To perceive what I am saying

I might be uttering

The words too sour

" Forgive me " utters

The heart from its core

"I feel soaked in guilt"

Murmurs the heart

"I am too burdened

To carry further the cart (of life)"

" I am sorry "

Says the heart to the soul

" All that you suffer,

I beseech, may it be the last to fall"

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