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Mum’s Pep Talk to Her Daughters #5

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Ms Taiwo, Osogbo, Nigeria

Ms Taiwo, Osogbo, Nigeria

It is a narrative poetry of a mother who starts to talk to her daughters after much pressurizing from one of them to tell them how she can get a good spouse, because she wants a lovely family like the family where she is being raised up.


In the case of my aunt and her hubby

Theirs’ were different as I have stated

That the fingers that make up the extreme ends of the

Two hands are not of the same length. This

I presume you would have at a time or another

Critically examine on your hands. My aunt loves education

So much that it was stated that she can do anything for it.

It was awkward for the people of those days, because during

Their days in our island, education was just been introduced

Into our island, though some people have been benefiting

From it, but not on a full fledge scale and people who still go

To farm and do other forms of businesses still make it big then

In fact her father who was a prince was also a tailor what is

Now commonly called fashion designer. And this man made it

Big, for none among his peers could stand beside him in terms

Of wealth. Despite his wealth, he did not value education as

Such. However, my aunt values this and was ready to give all

It takes to be educated. The commonest thing then was that

The parents of female children hardly sends them to High

School immediately they finished with their primary school then

They would ask them to bring home the person they want to

Marry for they are not ready to spend money on them again for

School. Despite the academic performance of my aunt with all the

Teachers and her peers in school attested to her father says he will

Not send her to school. My aunt went and do manual work to

Raise money to get form for girls’ college which was offering

Scholarship in the country then. She sat for the examination and

Came third among the hundreds of girls that sat for the examination

And she was admitted with scholarship. Her joy knew no

Bounds when her result was brought to her by the postmaster as it

Was then and she went and present her papers to her father, but

Her father would not have anything to do with what she brought,

The only thing expected of the father to do was paying for her transport

Money to the institution because it was located in the center of the

Region. Her father turned this down. Many of her father’s friends were

Sent to him to persuade him to have a rethought of his decision, he should

Give her the money to travel to continue her education. That was all

He was required to do because the institution has said she will cater for

Every other things the ladies would need when they arrived. But her

Father turned this down and would not listen to anyone, insisting that

What he wants from her was she should bring her spouse home and be

Married. The adamant nature of her father pained her severely such that

She started crying. While in this position a woman came home from

The center to pay her parents a visitation and on seeing her in such position

Was disturbed after talking with her, she decides to help my aunt, but she

Would not help her except she follows her to the center. This my aunt

Willingly agreed to, for she was not thinking about marriage and that was

How she followed the woman to the center a week after their discussion.

(Other stories she shared with her daughter for them to know that what works for person Q may not work for person X would be shared in other articles)

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