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Mum’s Pep Talk to Her Daughters #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Dr. (Mrs) Jeje Eunice, Katsina, Nigeria.

Dr. (Mrs) Jeje Eunice, Katsina, Nigeria.

It is a narrative poetry of a mother who starts to talk to her daughters after much pressurizing from one of them to tell them how she can get a good spouse, because she wants a lovely family like the family where she is being raised up.

When this happens, the man cannot tell any member of the

Family which he was living with because he considers it a thing

Of shame and he does not want them to convince her neither any

Of her family member in talking to her to change her opinion

About him. Marriage is a personal thing, she said the man says

One should be convinced from deep within one’s heart about the

Person one wants to be romantically involved with so that in the

Future when something unexpected happens between the love birds

They would not shift the blame on anyone that if not that person F

Who talks to me about you, I do not plan to be married to you

Again. There has been incident like that about a woman who does

Not love a man, but who because a relative of the man that the

Lady now a woman respects talk to her about the young man then

That was when she decides to get married to the man. But after

Getting married to the man, and at slightest mistake of the man, what

She would say was that, I do not have it in mind to marry you

Before it was because of your Uncle that I changed my decision.

She said, the man because of this did not inform anyone about the

Lady’s decision. And when he is being asked of her, he would

Say she is fine and would put up different excuses for her not coming

To visit them. Elder people know how to read in between the lines

Jeje Gabriel, Katsina, Nigeria in the farm

Jeje Gabriel, Katsina, Nigeria in the farm

Because they have once trod that path before, thus, they soon

Know that things were not going on well with the man and the

Person he presents to them. But instead of trying to open the wound

Of his heart, they started saying to him that their sales girl too

Is not bad as a lady, and when they see them talking together they

Will say they are looking forward to when they would be together.

As they repeat this, the young man too started looking at her

And on a fateful day, he proposed to her. It was a miracle to my

Friend as she says, and a dream come true. After few days, they

Started moving out as spouses. When my friend asks him why

He does not propose to her before, his response was that he was

Thinking about her age, and that if he proposes to her, she may

Be thinking he is too old. And again since she is saving for

Her academics, he would not want a situation whereby the

Family he is living with would think they are stealing from

Their purse to maintain their relationship, for that is common

With people when they found two members of their staff in

Relationship they would think they must be stealing from

Their purse. However, having studied them he has discovered

That they are not people like that, and they have also tried him to

Know that he cannot do something like that. The man again would

Not deny the importance of what the family used to say when

They see them together in him approaching her after a while.

They are happily living and blessed too.

(Other stories she shared with her daughter for them to know that what works for person Q may not work for person X would be shared in other articles)