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Mum’s Pep Talk to Her Daughters #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Jeje Gabriel, Katsina, Nigeria.

Jeje Gabriel, Katsina, Nigeria.

It is a narrative poetry of a mother who starts to talk to her daughters after much pressurizing from one of them to tell them how she can get a good spouse, because she wants a lovely family like the family where she is being raised up.

As earlier stated, I want to tell you different stories

To show you we are created differently, and the

Means used by each person to get a spouse differ.

One of my friends gets her own spouse well before

Securing admission into the institution of higher

Learning. During this period because of financial

Crisis in her family she started working for a

Family as a sales girl. While she was at this place

That was when a guy relocated to their island. The

Guy was given a letter by one of the leaders of a

Group to which the family belongs when the guy says

He wants to migrate to their island. The guy knows no

One in their island before, and while discussing with a

Friend, that person told his father that his friend wants to

Relocate to their island that he should help his friend. Since

The man knows him to be a good friend of his son, he

Without hesitation gives him letter to his friend that he would

Help him out in the island he is going to. When he gets to their

Island, it was not difficult for him to locate the family. When

He gets to the family and presented the letter to them, they were

Glad to receive the man’s letter because it has been a while that

They communicate last. And the man asks him what he wants

To do in their island. He told him the chief purpose of migrating

To their island was to continue his education, and he has been

Told that there is chance for him to continue his education and

Yet be working in the island, which is not common in the guy’s

Island. The man was happy for his thinking, that against all odds

He wants to continue his education. Since he has no place to

Reside in they took him in as one of their children. It was during

This time that my friend notices him and she said deep within him

Dr. (Mrs) Jeje Eunice

Dr. (Mrs) Jeje Eunice

She likes him. With time, the likeness grows deeper and becomes

Deeper feeling of intimacy for the guy. This guy is older than her

And more exposed than her, thus she was afraid and started thinking

Maybe her feelings for him was a lust for the young man. As

Much as she tries to suppress this feeling, the feeling keeps growing

But according to the custom of their island, it was a taboo for a

Lady to “bell the cart”, she thence keeps herself under

Control lest she be seen as a promiscuous person. While this

Continues, she started interacting with the man very well

Hoping that by her interactions with him signals would be

Sent to him that she loves him, but this never happens because

The man minds what he has come to their island for, which was

His education, he hardly thinks and talks about ladies, every time

It is his book that he faces. This continues until the family he

Was living with started asking him of his spouse, for becoming

A graduate should not stop you from having someone you

Will be dating, they told him. Then he confessed to them that

He has not given that a thought before, and as they have raised

That up he would work towards that. When he says that the

Family perhaps thought he has been noticing their sales girl and

Would soon present her as his spouse, but this never happened

What they noticed was about two months after this discussion

He presented a lass as his spouse. My friend was disturbed about this

And says he was insensitive to her signs and signals. However, instead

Of her backing off, she did not, she continued to behave herself

And would talk with him for hours, as an uncle. Later the person

He presented as spouse told him that he is not ready to be married

To someone from another island, that she wants to marry someone

From her island, and she has agreed to his proposals because she thought

He is a native of that island. This young man pleaded with her to

Reconsider her stand, but she would not reconsider her stand and

She left him.

(Other stories she shared with her daughter for them to know that what works for person Q may not work for person X would be shared in other articles)

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