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Mum’s Pep Talk to Her Daughters #12

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


It is a narrative poetry of a mother who starts to talk to her daughters after much pressurizing from one of them to tell them how she can get a good spouse, because she wants a lovely family like the family where she is being raised up.

Because of the repeated disappointments he has

Encountered he withdrew to himself and would not

Think of ladies again neither marriage. Thus, the people

Started calling him eunuch. At a time he was moved by

Their words but later he was not moved again and faced his

Life. In this position he continued when he met with one of the

Sales girls of a man. They started seeing each other, but the lady

Never believed he could marry him because of his status, for he is

A graduate, a successful business person and 20 years older than her.

And must be married by now, he just want to have fun with me and

Leave me the lady reasoned. That is the commonest thing around now,

Hardly could you see a man of his status who would be running after a

Lady of my status to be married to if not to have fun with. She therefore

Never concentrated on him and would partly answer him until the man comes

Out to him that he wants to marry him and he is not out for fun, for he is done

With having fun with ladies, age is no longer on his side he told her. She

Consulted with her senior sister whom she was staying with of the man who

Has been on her neck and what he told her recently. She seeks her opinion to

Know what to do about the man. She asks her to invite him home so that she

Will see him himself and evaluate the situation. She invited him to their home and

Her sister evaluates the situation given her a go a-head. When the dust about her was


Settled, the family of the man does not want him marry the lady because of his

Status, he would become a liability on you, they told him and asks that he leaves

Him to look for another lady or at best they will help him get someone whom he

Will like and who is of his status. He asks them to go ahead, but his mind was

Not on what they said, for the person they will introduce to him may be another player

For they have introduced several ladies to him before who were players. When he gets

Back to the young lass he told her of the need to outplay his people or else,

Their relationship would cease. The lady also do not want to lose him now and

That was how the man relocated to another place far from where he was living

Started living with the lass. When the lady becomes pregnant then he told his

People that they should not bother themselves about getting him another lady for

The lady is pregnant for him. He was told to divorce her after the lady puts to

Bed, but he told them he will not do that for he is tired of playing games with

Any of the ladies, he has made his choice and that is the final. After several

Attempts to separate them but which failed they leave them alone.

From the stories shared with you, you will discover that different people come

About their spouses differently because we are all peculiar in the hand of our Maker,

Therefore, you do not need to imitate anyone, but you can learn from people, how

They come about their partners, what happened during their courtship days among

Other things could be learnt from them, but following them rigidly and or thinking what

Works for them must work for you, you may be heading for the rocks, she told them.

Her daughters moved closer to her, hung one her neck, embraced and appreciate her

As they leave each for their duties.


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