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Mum’s Pep Talk to Her Daughters #11

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


It is a narrative poetry of a mother who starts to talk to her daughters after much pressurizing from one of them to tell them how she can get a good spouse, because she wants a lovely family like the family where she is being raised up.

When he was in the island he started dating her,

When he got to university contrary to the teachings of some

Religious sects to which he belonged to that he should leave

The lady he has been exposed to before his salvation, he continued

With her, that what can only separate them is the lady herself, if the

Lady could say she is no longer interested in the relationship then they

Will call it quit, but having invested so much of her life, time and

Money in the relationship he decides that he will not disappoint her.

They continued seeing each other for a season and seasons during

Which time people have known them to be romantically involved

With each other. When he was preparing to finish his degree, they

Started planning on how they will formalize everything for it has been

Long that they had been together. Everything was well set what was

Left was for him to finish his last papers and formalize all things. But

Things turned the other way around when he was writing his final

Thesis and he would not be released by his supervisor on time. This

Brings set back to what he has initially planned with his spouse. While

He was moving around to collect data for his thesis, the lady gave


Him a shocker as she said she was no longer interested in the relationship,

Broken courtship is better than broken home she says to him. He could not

Believe his ears when he heard her say that. He thought she was not serious

About what she says but he was mistaken as he later knows that she was

Serious for two months after this, the lady got married to another man from

Another island. He would not know where he will start from, but he must

Start from somewhere. After the incident he was counseled by friend to

Leave that and get a job. He gets a job outside the island and relocated there

Where he was there was a woman who likes him, and he makes the old woman

His guardian in the new island he has moved to. This woman has a

Maid who has been living with her for years, and she could tell of her

Behaviors. After studying the action of the young man, she started

Talking to her maid of the need to think about whom she will settle

Down with in the future. During the course of their discussion one day

She told her that she can consider the young man because he is yet to

Be married, telling the maid that age is only figures and what matters

Is living happily with anyone she is married to. As she was talking to her

Maid so was she talking to the young man to think about her maid, for

She knows he will enjoy her if he could be married to her. After much

Intermediary works among the duo, they eventually get going and get married

They also did not regret the role the woman played in bringing them together

As husband and wife.

(Other stories she shared with her daughter for them to know that what works for person Q may not work for person X would be shared in other articles)