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Much Ado About Too Much Work, Not Enough Play

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Woke up in an utterly frightening tizzy over nothing

Just material would likely end up in a Seinfeld episode

Pointless being panicky over easily solvable problems

Doesn't matter when your mind in a whirl over trivial pursuits

Not the actual game, of course.

That would be something really silly to stress over

George and Jerry would have a field day with this

A whole episode of the show would be about it

30 minutes over a five minute rant or comedic punchline

Trying figure out that New York humor that everyone else loved

Not you though because there are more important matters

Distressed nerve ends of the mental white laced table cloth

Wondered when it will be time to come back down to earth

Where rational thoughts reigned supreme

And kittens liked to play with giant balls of fluffy yarn for kicks

Old Faithful getting tired of pumping a routine rate

Ready to close up shop at least for the winter, or for good

Weighing options about whether retiring was the way to go

Fed up with being a reliable goody two shoes

While others just skate on by with their own rules and schedules

Working the life of riley while you sweat out 56 hour weeks

Paycheck was nice and hefty, but the company morale an all-time low

Trying to find a way to balance work and play without caving in

So far, work was in the lead by a Fleetwood Mac style "Landslide"

Too burnt out to want to play with anyone or even by myself

Walk through the front door and crash in the living room

Passing myself off as a bearskin rug for the night

Desperately hungry for a proper vacation where sleep ruled

And fun reigned supreme 24 hours a day

Recharged the old batteries in the backyard garage

Ready to slay another work week once everything said and done

Need some mental clarity in order to start new year right

Nothing more, nothing less.

Ready. Set. Play?

Ready. Set. Play?

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