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Ms. Practicality Relinquishes Control of the Ship

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Started out a logic minded creature who believed in

The bottom line of facts and figures inside daily life

Avoided the emotional messy contents of a romantic love grab bag

Always preferred everything in spill proof containers anyways

Feared of internal circuit boards being exposed to the masses

Smashed into pieces by a callous gigolo who used and abused

Often in tandem to get maximum effect before he strutted off

To find a new mark to repeat the same Dateline ridden cycle

Found a potential co-captain to make traveling the galaxy worthwhile

Didn't expect to fall head over heels into this romantic whirlpool

Cautious to admit my feelings for fear of driving him into another ship

Co-piloting a different mission with someone with a blasé approach

Towards a long lasting partnership on and off the ship

Speculated when the independence became a co-dependence

Was there an actual difference between the two

Transformed from a no non-sense captain of the Enterprise

Into a lust ridden 16 year old looking to connect on Lover's Lane

Giddier than a school girl obsessed with the latest teen sensation

Even though their cellophane wrapped saintly image was a mirage

What lied underneath was a flawed flesh and blood man

Prone to slipups and flights of fancy with any pool of groupies

That threw their red laced undergarments at them on stage

Or the machinations of a certain Mrs. Henderson from down the street

Often wondered what this humanized superstar with the natural swagger

Saw in a mousy logic prone and fear stricken tourist

Never sticking out in a crowd of scantily clad Victoria's Secret models

Pondered what made this female Steve Urkel type stand out

Jittery and anxiety ridden at the most random of moments

Exacerbated by lack of sleep every once in a while

Have been repeatedly told that too much analysis has taken place

Over this prospective partnership and its future

Time to let nature run its own obstacle course

Letting the chips fall where they may long and short term

Flying without a clear or discernable map worked thus far

Let's continue on that same journey and not worry so much

Easier said than done, but will give it a shot nonetheless.

The ship of dreams to give up the controls to....

The ship of dreams to give up the controls to....