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Ms. Peaceful Rather Uneasy Feeling

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Created the newfound artform of not sitting still

Developed ants in their shoes and any other place imaginable

Made sitting on a multi-colored living room couch an adventure

Forced other occupants to take so-called motion sickness pills

For the relief from the constant movement of the center cushion

Gotten to the point where no one wanted to sit with

A flesh and bone Tasmanian Devil in living color

A whirling dervish with so much unfiltered energy

To anyone with a degree or M.D. attached to their name

It was a case of hidden profound anxiety; or a need

To not be tied down to one place or activity for too long

A lack of commitment to being complacent in the routine

Maybe, the doctors were right to an extent in their own way

Unease or discomfort always lurked beneath the grey-mattered surface

Hard to stay when it truly started to manifest itself in this replicant

An interpretation of a robot that had a flaw its design from the get-go

Short life expectancy that could make anyone self destruct

And join the musical tragedies of the "27 Club" that plagued a small group

Of talented musicians who joined a small prolific group that allowed legends

To grow past what happened when the members were alive and performing

This flawed designer synthetic being defied all rumors and misconceptions

Living close to a ripe old age of soon-to-be 35; breaking the 27 curse for now.

Didn't want to be part of a club of individuals who gave into their demons

Tried to find away to keep them at bay; or channel the energy in different ways

Running around the parking lot at work to funnel in a physical outlet

Dancing around to rock music with completing daily task a better solution

Especially in 100 degree heat anyways

Not eager to develop heatstroke at this juncture

Immediate strategy started at 10 and went backward

Another round of the countdown started right now

Let's see how this rounds goes this time.

An animal with so much energy to burn.

An animal with so much energy to burn.

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