Ms. Book and Mr. Street's Slow Waltz into the Bermuda Triangle

Updated on June 19, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Considered a great team of logic and life experience

A combination of rational thought and Mrs. Dash pizzazz

To add some extra humor and flavor to any given situation

She was a creative mind placed in the body of a bookish librarian

He was a tall, masculine rebel with a thoughtful center few saw

Their mutual vulnerabilities worked in their creative endeavors

Just not in a professional setting and in other public outings

Two misfits who understood each other better than they expected to

At times it was a little disconcerting how much so

Together they made a great fun party pack full of goodies

Stardust and magic that put a smile on Fred and Ginger's faces

Apart they were in complete disarray in their daily lives

Trapped in routines and frustrations of their personal detours

Roadblocks brought up by questionable timing and a few scandalous settings

Wondered if they will ever find solid foundation to function on

Or just always floundering from lily pad to lily pad like a clueless frog

Locked into perpetual wanderlust with no set destination in sight

Bounced from enough jobs and relationships to feel like the ultimate joke

Without a decent punchline to be told by any headlining comedian

Hard to understand a relationship when no arguments have come about

When you're used to the tension of a Fatal Attraction or The War of the Roses

Fathoming whether happiness can be found without throwing things

Uttering harsh words and hurling cheating accusations in all directions

A trashy talk show episode with only an audience of one inside your head

Were the doubts legitimate or just paranoia based anxiety?

Debating when the next lead lined Reebok will drop to the ground

Joy not a fleeting illusion to vanish with the morning sun

Turned a simple compliment into a possible dig at Ms. Book's identity

Her optimism imploded with an acerbic quip turned into something sharper

An invisible javelin to the gut that unearthed her secret fear of being responsible

For the end of a potentially magical adventure if they both got out of the way

Could Mr. Street be looking for imaginary flaws; or was he right?

Tired of digging the below the surface of an uneasy foundation

Impossible to say how long this slow dance will last, but time to enjoy the trip

No matter how long or short the journey is

Both will be better off than when they started.

Glad those drama filled days are long passed.
Glad those drama filled days are long passed.

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