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Mrs. Cleaver's Journey into the Mouth of Suburban Madness

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Woke up in a complete panic for no real reason

Sweat coming out of every orifice at alarming rate

Wondered how things could get so untenable

After spent hours ironing those stupid Liz Claiborne slacks

Polished and poised on the outset of the day

Ready to spontaneously combust by quitting time

Many men believed that women had it easier

Not when a semi carrying mind altering hormonal substances

Pulled through to turn June Cleaver into Zorba the Greek

Or into a shotgun toting Tony Montana with a lethal smile

Ready to mow down Ward if he looked at her wrong

Forget any form of rational thought or logic

All of the usual contents rested on a Pressure cooker

Set to maximum heat that was starting to boil over now

Wondered when all of these mixed emotions would fade

Into the ether; only to return again next month

Cannot take the seven days of Bipolar pendulum mood swings

The highest of highs and the darkest depths of lows

One small pebble touched those off-white Reeboks

And off to the races in the Kentucky Derby

Blowing off some monstrous amount of steam

A locomotive with nowhere to properly go

Traveled down a miniature golf course like train track

Always ended up in the same place: the beginning

With a new batch of screaming kids throwing tantrums

Kicked the seats to the point where they looked battle worn

Or went through a track derailment during a go around

Need to get a real Union Pacific Railroad locomotive

Tickets to go to some place unknown and foreign

Where no one would look for the Jackie Brown version of June

A depiction that Quentin Tarantino would love to film

That the Cleavers would possibly write off in divorce court

No longer the docile creature that was advertised

Desperate for this internal high tide to subside

Calmer waters to flow through and settle the stomach

Tossed and turned too often in bed after brutal nightmare

Came true next morning when arrived the town pariah

Good friends kept their doors locked and strangers whispered gossip

A change of scenery might be what the doctor ordered

Along with some cuddle time with the desired partner in crime

That's the ticket to some much needed stress relief

If not, a vacation would be nice.

And they're off! To the races?

And they're off! To the races?

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