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Mrs. Claus' Unexpectedly Early Farewell

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Here's a story about a sweet and thoughtful lady

A lover of nature and taking a lot of pictures of it

Wearer of many different colorfully styled socks

Personal favorite was the one with the cat eye on each foot

Recognizing the face when both feet were together

Showcased her unique nature that shied away from dressing conventionally

Always walked with a spring in her step, despite having a cane

Celebrated her family as the cornerstones of her world

Enjoyed hanging out with her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren

Managed to be an example for those hesitant to drive in bad weather

Lived an hour away and always came to work before everyone else

Maintained a level of optimism, even when she was frustrated

Was known for having the kindest smile and sunniest disposition

An appearance that resembled a cross between Santa's Mrs. and Dr. Doolittle

Who always went above and beyond for others

From her four legged friends to her workplace cohorts

Her greatest companions were her Huskies Loki and Timber

Even her temperamental cat Jasper was a great friend as well

Rarely said a bad word about anyone; or at all for that matter

Loved to plan her colleagues' birthdays with Sweet Eats cakes

Shared many memories with those in her department

Which was her corporate family during the required 40 hours and beyond

Commiserated with her partners in crime over many workplace blitzes

Always took care of others more than herself sometimes

It's a shame that her final adventure happened so suddenly

No time to prepare a metaphorical suitcase or say goodbye

Made any past pettiness seem inconsequential in the end

She will be missed in her new journey into the unknown

Where she will be able to enjoy other types of natural wonders

Goodbye, Mrs. Claus, you will be missed.

Something Mrs. Claus would've appreciated.

Something Mrs. Claus would've appreciated.