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Mr. Smiley's Next Adventure

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Thinking of my uncle after hearing the news of his passing

Today signified the end of an era of a memorable person

Someone who brought laughter and joy whenever he entered a room

Approachable for kids; especially shy ones like I once was

Made it comfortable to be at large family functions

Where it could be really easy to get lost in the shuffle of everything

Lover of all animals; had a boundless supply of cats and dogs

Companions that matched his playful personality

Fan of the great outdoors and preferred a sometimes back to basics approach

Remembering my uncle as a man always eager for anything

A smile continuously plastered on his face no matter what

Displayed an endless amount of optimism at family gatherings

Fond of his bear hugs that was often mixed with the occasional noogie

Being sympathetic to the struggle of his illnesses

A rigged battle that can’t be won, when there was no known cure

My aunt should rest assured that she did everything could to help

Make him as comfortable as possible for as long as she could

Wanted to give my aunt and my cousins hugs from afar

Hard to fathom that he was gone, but realized that he was at peace

No longer suffering and onto another place

Keeping my grandmother company on a private cloud.

A playful companion from the past.

A playful companion from the past.

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