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Mr. Simple, Goodbye

Writer and a poet. Most poems were lyrical. A dedicated writer with published ebooks on a social media platform.

Mr. Simple, Goodbye

He's kind and funny;
Made me feel jolly;
He's cute and adorable;
Made him more admirable.

His smile gives color to my day;
A simple hi gives sense honey;
A laughter adds rainbow on sunny day;
A touch brings butterflies around baby.

Conversations that I treasure;
To hold you is such a pleasure;
To love you is wonderful;
To miss you is sorrowful.

Sometimes I regret about it;
But my heart really opposes it;
A love from you is all I have;
Love you back is all I can give.

And now, I have to say sorry honey;
Five minutes and I'm leaving permanently;
Dismal that I could give for may be long;
'cause I've been dying, and leaving is a hard thing to do.

© 2019 Makatang Pilipina

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