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Mr. Serial Killer Dating Machine

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Looking at happy couples holding hands as they walk down the street

A sickening marketing ploy to make us believe in the impossible

To make us susceptible to falling for what greeting card companies

Try to make us choke us with their gimmicks and slogans

Believing in the sickly sweet commercials to buy their products

Thinking you were Cinderella with a prince just around the corner

This is not going to be one of those happily ever after shlock filled stories

Thought I knew the stranger who faced me; turned out it was just a lie

A façade put out to lull me into a false sense of security

By a wolf ready to pounce on every little red riding hood

Walking through the woods to grandma's house aimlessly

Battle scared by a sociopath who was nothing but a fraud

Bruised and battered on the inside as well as the outside

Fully aware that I was hoodwinked by a master manipulator

Walked into a minefield of epic proportions by someone

Who doesn't care about anything but themselves

Leaves everything to the last possible moment

Looks out for number one and knows it completely

Pretends to be a kind and caring person to draw in

Their prey with a surgeon's precision and ease

Has done it so many times before it's like child's play

Taking some candy from a few innocent babies

Naïve and clueless to the ramifications of a con artist

White Fang in sheep's clothing pretending to be a normal man

When they're nothing but a child acting the part

Of an adult after a few moments of careless pleasure

Forced to be responsible after having a shotgun

Stuck in his back and pressured into doing honorable thing

Under the delusion that they will be someone important

If only they could accomplish a long failed invention

20 years of toiling away with something that'll never work

If it hasn't work now, it'll never work

Used his responsibilities and commitments as an excuse

To escape any further promises of a certain future

With someone else other than their demons

And their own private luggage compartment

Stuffed to the brim with low rent baggage

Lucky to have dodged a major train wreck in the future

Sure, it hurt like getting hit by a freight train now

Escaped the vortex of an immature liar who loved to stretch truth

Even to their own family and friends

Would love for some old fashioned karma to bite them in the butt

Expose them for the frauds they were to everyone

A little vindication would go a long way, but glad to be relatively alive

Working on a convalescing at home until fully able to move on.

Let them claim another victim: I'm no longer on the table.

A ruthless creature in relaxed mode.

A ruthless creature in relaxed mode.