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Mr. Mysterious Vanishing Act

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

When it comes to men, there are some who choose wisely

And others who must emit some type of signal

That only the rotten ones can hear

Causing them to arrive out of the woodwork

Attracting them like moths to a flame

Been burned too many times to count in the past

By people who claimed to have had good intentions

When the opposite was the truth

Instilled a need to be cautious around new arrivals

Grew up with a fear of being exposed to the elements

Not literally; just in an emotional sense

Watched too many movies and television shows

To be completely trusting with the opposite sex

Used to be hypervigilant over those hustlers

Came under the disguise of a friendly soul

Offering jokes and the occasional flirty comments

Persistence allowed the drawbridge to lower

Guards took an extended lunch break

Trojan horse literally sauntered through the front door

This cowboy wore dark green camouflaged shorts

Ratty dark sneakers and a half sleepy smile

Kept that twinkle in their right eye on reserve

Icing on the cake to get their mark to relax

Turning them into putty in their arms completely

Embarrassed by becoming a romantic one note cliché

Tried to play it cool for as long as possible

Before long turned into the simpering wimp always hated

Witnessed the bristling of the worn out playboy

Realized now that the dust settled the reality of it all

Should have played cool a lot longer

What was the point though; the story was pre-ordained

One sided love story happened no matter what

Involved with a figment of the imagination

Nothing about them was real

Just a place holder of an unlikely ideal fantasy companion

A lie that kept on growing until they nipped it in the bud

Rather abruptly and swiftly where no resolution was found

Well, a clear and comfortable that is

All that remained was a metaphorical representation

Of a companion that never existed

Something to think about on cold nights to snuggle with

Satisfied that the conclusion came about

Dodged a major wound in the long run

Looking for complete rehabilitation over this scam

Finding something as close to the real thing as possible

Unsure what will be found, but willing to try

That's all that matters in the end.

Searching for the real thing that won't disappear in front of a mirror.

Searching for the real thing that won't disappear in front of a mirror.

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