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Mr. Humble Pie Modesty

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

When it comes to my boyfriend, there are many different sides

To him and each one was just as complex as the others

Appearance isn't everything; it's what's inside that counts

Everyone often dismissed him as a Marlon Brando type

Of tough guy with three tattoos on his one arm

And his initially imposing 6'4 frame at first

Sure, he's definitely a guy you don't want to mess with

If you cross him, duck and cover, rude drunk fellas.

What many don't see is that he had a softer, vulnerable side

A part of him that was in touch with his feelings that many men

Usually avoided going near for fear of ruining their manhood

Showing to only those nearest, dearest and understanding

As his girlfriend, I get private dibs to all the machinations

Running through his head as he dreamt up new ways

To reinvent the world into a pleasure palace full of adventure

Of the youthful and imaginative persuasion in the best ways

Never naïve, but always hopeful that one idea will work

Even if he wasn't the one that sought it through to completion

19 years of blood, sweat and endless stress fractures

Will lead to something consequences or not

Inspired by his determination to keep fighting the good fight

Work on ideas that won't change the world, but put a smile

On at least one person's face will be enough for now

Loved the fact that he wore his heart and his ideas out in the open

Passionate about his thoughts and his dreams of different tomorrows

Wanted to give him a hug when the storm clouds sometimes loomed

And doubt trickled into his confidence level and completely deflated it

Run my fingers through his light dark chocolate mane with a touch of sea salt

If there was such a thing, the description would fit perfectly

When it comes to those blasted storm clouds, he doesn't have to question

Whether I'll be there to help guide him through.

A lot stronger than I may appear to be; despite appearance to the contrary

Willing to fight for another sunny day, week or however many endless ones

There are in the arsenal

Sit back. Relax and sail away.

Let's fight those storm clouds together.

Let's fight those storm clouds together.